My wife and I followed our youngest daughter, playing high school softball for five years starting at the end of 8th grade. We watched many games in those five years, and enjoyed every minute. One of things that I noticed very commonly, was when the batter hit a foul ball, it was great fun for the younger kids to run after the ball to be the first to retrieve it. More times than not they wouldn't know what to do with it, or whom to give it to, or they would just throw it back over the fence. It didn't matter if the game was still in play or not. I also noticed that some fields tried to address the foul ball problem using 6" PVC plastic pipe with a 90 degree fitting going through the fence. This didn't work well at all and left a big gaping hole around the fitting. It also did not look very professional. Schools and rec centers spend thousands of dollars on their facilities and are very leery of cutting into the fence. Ball Baby Pro addresses all of the issues and more. To install Ball Baby you only cut two wires, and bend the cut wires back on themselves. This does not change the integrity of the fence. It blends well with the fence and looks like it belongs there. Coaches, athletic directors, principals and umpires are amazed at how well they work, and desire them on all of their facilities. Thanks for your interest! Kent and Denise Grimm